wind turbines
MBA Period 2, 23 February - 30 March 2009
Mondays 18:00--21:30
Location: UCLL 101

(Leon & Thea Koerner University Centre, 6331 Crescent Road)
[N.B.: BASD 505 is the future course code for BASD 580A.]

This MBA module is about formulating business strategy with respect to a firm's environmental objectives. This course rigorously explores the foundations of corporate environmental strategy: the economic principles underlying environmental policy and environmental law, the managerial practices that respond to policy interventions, and the environmental technologies that facilitate pollution prevention and pollution abatement. Theory and practical applications are explored equally. Students taking this course will gain an appreciationof the complexity of designing corporate environmental strategy the the presence of diverse and competing stakeholder interests.
There are no particular prerequisites for this module, although the modules on Managerial Economics, Government and Business, and Cost-Benefit Analaysis are highly recommended as they develop important concepts that are utilized in this module.