Instructor: Prof. Werner Antweiler
Final Exam

The final exam is scheduled for Thursday, October 11, at 14:00-16:30, in HA 254.

An abbreviated sample exam is available in two versions in the course management system for this course. Click on the "Log In" menu item to gain access. The "student version" contains the exam text as you would see in a real exam. The "teacher version" contains solutions to the questions. For the short-answer questions, these solutions are to be considered sample answers. Alternative answers are possible that also capture the gist of the issue. As the sample answers show, concise answers that get to the key issues quickly are sufficient.

The actual final exam will contain two parts. The first part is a true-false quiz with 52 statements bundled into 11 or 12 questions. You should devote about half an hour to this part. The second part contains four short-answer questions. You need to answer three of them and you can choose which question you drop. Clearly mark the question which you drop. One of the questions will be based on a topical issue that will habe been discussed in class and will be announced in class prior to the exam. Most short-answer questions will have a structure with multiple points to guide you through the question. Each of the short-answer questions is worth 16 points, with partial points for individual parts of the questions indicated as well. The short-anwer part of the exam is worth 48 points in total. Together, both sections are worth 100 points.

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