Instructor: Prof. Werner Antweiler

[handshake]Course Textbook: Elements of Multinational Strategy by Keith Head, Springer: 2008. This book is available in print (e.g., from the UBC Bookstore) or online via SpringerLink for UBC students (click on the above link for the PDF file). The material covered in this course follows chapters 1-6 in Professor Head's book closely. To access the online version, make sure that you are connecting from a UBC domain or through the UBC virtual private network (

Additional Textbooks:

The two textbooks below explore topics in much greater depth than is possible in the course. For those who are interested in legal and logistical aspects of international trade, the textbooks below provide excellent introductions.

  • Ray August, Don Mayer, and Michael Bixby: International Business Law: Text, Cases, and Readings, 6th edition, Pearson, 2013.
  • Pierre David: International Logistics: The Management of International Trade Operations, 4th edition, Cicero Books, 2013.

Newspaper Articles: You are required to read and prepare assigned articles and cases in advance of the class in which the articles are discussed. Most URLs on this web page provide direct links to the resources as some newspapers and magazines offer limited but free access. Other URLs involve authentication through UBC's EZproxy. If you encounter problems accessing an article, please contact the instructor. Alternative access is available through ProQuest for The Economist magazine and the The New York Times newspaper.

Globalization International Competitiveness International Trade Logistics International Finance International Trade Law

Lecture Notes: Lecture notes are handout versions of the presentation slides with Get Acrobat Reader space for annotations. All lecture notes are in PDF. To view PDF files please use the free Acrobat Reader, available for download from the Adobe web site. Access to lecture notes for my course is restricted to students enrolled in this course. To access the lecture notes, please click on the Log In button in the menu above.
Video Files: In addition to lecture notes, the course management system also provides access to video files for the team project presentations. Video files are published in MP4 format. If your default Windows media player does not play MP4 video files, pelase download the free VLC media player. Mac users should use QuickTime.

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