Instructor: Prof. Werner Antweiler
Grades, Evaluation, and Contact Info

Your final grade is the weighted average of your final exam (50%), team project (30%), and participation (20%). The team project contains two components: a presentation (25%) and an executive summary (5%). You can access your partial and final grades through the course management system for this course. Click on the "Log In" link above to gain access. Please check your grades there because these grades will be reported directly to the Registrar's Office at the end of the course.


It is important to attend all sessions since many discussions in the class are not included in the assigned readings or the materials posted on the course website. Please keep your class notes up-to-date. Exams will cover everything discussed in class. Participation is strongly encouraged and is part of the evaluation process.

Please be considerate. Please do not engage in side conversations, send text messages, or engage in other social media interactions during class. In discussions with the instructor and other students, be courteous and respectful of diverging opinions. Avoid monopolizing class discussions and allow other students to speak up.

Course Goals

  • To provide the basic concepts and analytics of international business management.
  • To provide a systematic framework for thinking about international business strategies within a context of economics, international law and institutions.
  • To enable students to become decision makers in a multinational enterprise.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • identify the types of risks inherent in international business;
  • identify the business circumstances where international business operations such as exporting, outsourcing and foreign direct investment (FDI) can be profitable;
  • identify the potential advantages and limitations of international trade arrangements provide to firms;
  • design international business operations with appropriate organizational structures;
  • understand the role of institutions, intellectual property rights and comparative advantage in international business operations.

Program Goals

  • Critical Thinking
  • Analytical Decision-Making
  • Oral and Written Communication

Office Hours and Contact Information

I hold office hours usually on Friday between 10:00 and 11:20, or by appointment. My office is located in ANGU 275 (south side hallway on the second floor of the office tower).

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