COMM 487/597 — Instructor: Prof. Werner Antweiler
COMM 597 for Graduate Students
Students enrolled in a graduate program outside the Sauder School of Business may take this course for full credit towards their master's degree if their respective program has approved this course. Please contact your program office for information and pre-approval. In particular, M.A. students in economics or political science, or M.Eng. students from the Faculty of Applied Science, may be interested in taking this course. A small number of seats has been reserved for this purpose. Please contact the instructor for assistance with registration if needed.
To obtain the 597 credit instead of 487, an additional 25-to-35-page term paper on a course-related topic is required. The topic can be arranged in consultation with the instructor. The weight of the term paper is 25%, with all other marks re-weighted proportionately.
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