COMM 487/597 — Instructor: Prof. Werner Antweiler
Your final grade is the weighted average of your midterm exam (20%), final exam (40%), team project (30%), and participation (10%). You can access your grades through the web-based application below. Please check your grades there from time to time because these grades will be reported directly to the Registrar's Office at the end of the course.
Grades for COMM 597 students are composed of the COMM 498 grade, weighted at 75 percent, and the grade of the research essay, weighted at 25 percent. Therefore, the midterm exam is worth 15%, the final exam 30%, participation 7.5%, and the team project 22.5%.
Partial and final grades are made available through the course management system for this course. All partial grades shown are tentative and subject to review until final grades have been published. To log in to the course management system, please click on the "Log In" item in the menu above and use your campus-wide login (CWL) to authenticate.
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