COMM 487/597 — Instructor: Prof. Werner Antweiler
Guest Lecture


The planned guest lecture for ... will not take place because the speaker from Port Metro Vancouver is unfortunately unable to make this date.

In lieu of the guest lecture, we will be watching two segments of a television documentary on energy systems from the PBS production e2: the economies of being environmentally conscious. The production is available in different formats, including DVD, and is also on iTunes. The PBS web site has a series overview. We will be watching episode 1 "Harvesting the Wind" and episode 6 "Coal & Nuclear: Problem or Solution?".

You may also be interested in other episodes of this PBS production. For example, e2 transport covers transportation issues, and other series cover green design and construction topics.

A feature-length documentary by film maker Robert Stone about nuclear energy is Panddora's Promise. Perhaps controversial and provocative to some, the documentary provides ample food for thought about the role that nuclear energy can play. Watch it on iTunes or elsewhere and form your own opinion.

I had also mentioned another PBS production from 2007 about solar energy from the NOVA program. It is called Solar Energy: Saved by the Sun. This production is available on iTunes. A must-watch for anyone interested in the future of solar electricity.

Lastly, a PBS documentary Green Builders from 2009 discusses energy efficient building designs, a topic that we did not have time to discuss in class at length. The documentary is available on DVD and on iTunes.

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