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January–April 2014
Term Course Code Section Day & Time Room

2013W COMM 498 202 Tue/Thu 14:00-15:30 ANGU 039
2013W COMM 498 203 Tue/Thu 15:30-17:00 ANGU 039


International business differs in important ways from business conducted within national borders. It poses additional challenges for managing trade or investments in foreign countries, but it also offers new opportunities in foreign markets. This course provides a framework for analyzing decisions made by firms in an international context. In turn, this framework provides the basis for formulating strategies that will enable businesses to succeed in the international business environment.
This course combines material from strategy, international finance, trade theory, trade policy, marketing, human resource management, and other related areas. The course emphasizes the use of analytical tools, and it provides an environment for developing oral and written communication skills. By design, the course is integrative. Consequently, there is some overlap with material taught in more specialized courses on international marketing and international finance.

i>Clicker Advisory

This year I will be using i>Clickers in my class for the first time. If you do not already have one at your disposal, all students in this class are required to obtain an i>Clicker from the UBC boostore (also available used) and bring their i>Clickers to each class. If you have not already registered your i>Clicker, please register your i>Clicker through Connect.

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