Both midterm and final exam are common across my sections of this course, and are at least in part common across other sections of this course. The two exams are made up of three parts: a true/false quiz, a numerical exercise, and a set of short-answer questions. The latter will account for at least 40% of the exam.
A 75-minute midterm exam will be held on Friday February 14, 2014 at 18:00-19:15 in LSK 201 (Room 201 in the Leonard S. Klinck Building, 6536 Agricultural Road). This exam covers all material in chapters 1-6.
A 2-1/2-hour final exam wil be held on Wednesday April 16 at 15:30-18:00 in WOOD 4 in the Woodward Building (2194 Health Sciences Mall, also known as the Instructional Resources Centre). You are required to remain in attendance at UBC until the exam is held; there will be no advance exams. The final exam is weighted toward Chapters 7-13 but also covers Chapters 1-6. No tutorials or recapitulation sessions will be held before the exams.

Missed Exams: please review the Policy on Missed Exams on my Course Conduct Polies page.

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