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The University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Commerce Program

Conditions and Terms of Use
for Digital Student Pictures

By having your picture taken by the Faculty of Commerce, you (the subject) agree to the following conditions and terms of use:

§1. The Faculty of Commerce has the right to distribute the subject's picture to faculty and staff within the Faculty for use in the normal operations of the various areas within the Faculty (eg. Career Centre, Undergraduate Office, Instructors, Dean's Office, etc).

§2. The Faculty of Commerce will not intentionally distribute the subject's picture outside of the Faculty without the express permission of the subject or as required to do so by law.

§3. The subject has the right to use and distribute his/her own picture without limitation. The Faculty will provide the current picture on record of the subject only to the subject as time and workload permits. If the picture is distributed to the subject via an electronic or automated means the subject's name, University student number and/or University PIN shall constitute proper identification that the person requesting the picture is either the subject or someone authorized by the subject to obtain the subject's picture.


§4. Pictures taken by the Faculty are the property of The Faculty of Commerce.

§5. Pictures may be given to instructors with class lists to aid in identifying students and/or for the production of materials for their classes.

§6. Pictures may be placed within HTML documents to be viewed and/or distributed over the Internet to the users identified in §1. Subjects should be aware that as the Internet is an inherently insecure environment no guarantee of security can be made.

§7. The subject agrees to hold The University and the Faculty of Commerce blameless for errors, omissions and the inadvertent distribution of pictures and for any distribution beyond its control.

Shaun Tanassee
Faculty of Commerce
Audio-Visual Services
Phone: 604-822-8537

Students are kindly asked to visit the Self-Service Camera Kiosk in the PC-Lab in HA 407 during the first week of classes to have their digital picture taken. The PC-Lab is open weekdays and weekends between 08:00 and 22:00, and the Lab attendant should be able to provide any assistance required.