ECON 494 (004) — Environment, Energy, Finance
Instructor: Prof. Werner Antweiler

Academic Term 2016W2 • January-April 2017 • Tuesday/Thursday 14:00-15:30

global environmental issues

Syllabus [PDF]

This course is the capstone in you Bachelor of International Economics program. In it, you will design and carry out an original research project, bringing together the knowledge you have acquired in your theory, field, and econometrics courses. You will formulate an original research question, devise a strategy to answer it, find data, make them talk using appropriate quantitative methods, present your findings to your classmates, and write a scholarly paper. At the end of the term, you will have learnt about your research topic in depth. Importantly, you will have learnt how to make a solid economic argument and to communicate your findings to your peers.

This course has multiple sections, and has a shared syllabus. The main difference is that the instructors for each section offer different topic specializations. The main focus of section 004 is trade related to the environment, energy, and finance. However, these topics are not exclusive.

As this is is self-directed course, the class will meet as a group only during the first two weeks of classes for introductory steps, and again during the last two weeks of classes for in-class presentations of your research work. In between you will meet with the instructor individually. Please refer to the detailed syllabus for more information.

Please note that the first assignment is due on the first day of class. You are expected to prepare a research question over the winter holidays.

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