ECON 494 (004) — Environment, Energy, Finance
Instructor: Prof. Werner Antweiler

Your final grade is the weighted average of the following contributions:

AssignmentDue DateMarks
1.1st Research QuestionTue, Jan 3, 20174%
2.2nd Research QuestionTue, Jan 10, 20174%
3.Final Research Question & Literature ReviewTue, Jan 17, 20178%
4.Data Set Description & Estimation FrameworkTue, Feb 7, 201710%
5.Preliminary Estimation ResultsTue, Feb 28, 20174%
6.In-Class Presentation as assigned20%
7.Research Paper Fri, Fri Apr 7, 201750%

Partial and final grades are made available through the course management system for this course. All partial grades shown are tentative and subject to review until final grades have been published. To log in to the course management system, please click on the "Log In" item in the menu above and use your campus-wide login (CWL) to authenticate.

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