ECON 494 (004) — Environment, Energy, Finance
Instructor: Prof. Werner Antweiler

Our regular meeting time is Tuesday and Thursday at 14:00-15:30. However, we only meet during the first two weeks of classes, and again during the last two weeks of classes for presentations. In between, the classroom time will be available for individual meetings. A booking system will be arranged on this site shortly.

Introduction Tue Jan 3Thu Jan 5Tue Jan 10Thu Jan 12
PresentationsTue Mar 28Thu Mar 30Tue Apr 4Thu Apr 6

Order of Presentations

Tuesday March 28
Time SlotNameTopic
14:00-14:16 Liu, Guan
14:16-14:32 Wang, YuHeng
14:32-14:48 Lee, Stephen
14:48-15:04 Shah, Parin
15:04-15:20 Huang, Shufei(Fay)

Thursday March 30
Time SlotNameTopic
14:00-14:16Senapitak, Varit
14:16-14:32Ng, Charlotte
14:32-14:48Nieman, Jonathan
14:48-15:04Koprla, Hollie
15:04-15:20Gao, Daniel

Tuesday April 4
Time SlotNameTopic
14:00-14:16Rodriguez, David
14:16-14:32Wong, Kar
14:32-14:48Von Hahn, Nicholas
14:48-15:04Bell, Matthew
15:04-15:20Li, Mengyuan

Thursday April 6
Time SlotNameTopic
14:00-14:16Vaisey, Saskia
14:16-14:32Li, Yibai
14:32-14:48Habarugira-ntama, Beni
14:48-15:04Lee, Andrew
15:04-15:20 Course wrap-up / online course evaluations
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