Friends, Family, Fun

My Co-authors

Amit, Raphael
(University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School)
Brander, James A.
(University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business)
Copeland, Brian R.
(University of British Columbia, Vancouver School of Economics)
Frank, Murray Z.
(University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management)
Gulati, Sumeet
(University of British Columbia, Faculty of Land and Food Systems)
Harrison, Kathryn
(University of British Columbia, Department of Political Science)
Ross, Thomas W.
(University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business)
Taylor, M. Scott
(University of Calgary, Department of Economics)
Trefler, Daniel
(University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management)

My Ph.D. Students

Datta, Souvik
(2011 graduate; ETH Zurich)
Gaa, Charles
(2008 graduate; University of Oregon)
Minns, Steven
(2014 graduate, UBC)
Miyamoto, Takuro
(2012 graduate; Ministry of Finance, Japan)
Rus, Horatiu
(2008 graduate; University of Waterloo)
Stoyanov, Andrey
(2008 graduate; York University)
Sun, Meng (Sarah)
(2009 graduate)
Yu, Emily
(2009 graduate; Government of Canada, DFAIT)

My M.A./M.Sc. Students

Adams, Tegan
(2011 graduate)
Prescott, Ryan
(2009 graduate)

Family Links

My brother Dr. Johannes Antweiler is an academic director and researcher at the University of Cologne's Department of Supply Chain Management and Production. He is also co-founder and managing director of the consulting firm POM.

Fun Stuff

Web cams in cities that I have lived in.

Toronto Web Cam
Toronto, Ontario
Cologne Web Cam
Köln, Germany
Leverkusen Web Cam
Leverkusen, Germany
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